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Case Studies

1. Regency Affiliates, Inc. (OTC: RAFI.PK):
Regency is a privately held company whose stock is traded over the counter. An affiliate of Hyde Park acquired control of Regency in 2002. Since Hyde Park's investment, Regency's stock price has grown by approximately 10X. Regency invests in businesses and assets that generate attractive, predictable and sustainable returns on capital. Regency currently owns two assets:

1. An indirect 50% interest in the 717,000 square foot facility Security West complex located on 34.3 acres in Woodlawn, Maryland. The facility is occupied under a lease expiring in 2018 by the United States Social Security Administration; and

2. An indirect 50% interest in Mobile Energy which owns and operates an energy facility located on approximately 11 acres of land in Mobile, Alabama. The facility supplies up to 61 megawatts of co-generated steam and electricity for use in the Kimberly-Clark's mill's operations under a 15 year agreement signed in 2004.

Investment Thesis:
• Invest in high quality cash flow streams with significant barriers to competitive entry
• Partner with industry experts in attractive assets with predictable cash flows

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2. Ozburn-Hessey Logistics Inc. (“OHL”):
The principals of Hyde Park oversaw the investment of $45 million of equity provided by DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners (“DLJ”) to acquire seven distinct third party logistic companies to create OHL. In 2005, DLJ sold its interest in OHL to Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. Hyde Park invested in OHL alongside Welsh, Carson. In August 2015, OHL was acquired by Geodis S.A.

Investment Thesis:
• Consolidate strong regional logistics providers into a nationwide company that can offer
customers one stop shopping for a broad range of logistics services
• Invest in an asset light business with strong growth characteristics and attractive margins
• Leverage operating scale in an increasingly technology driven business

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3. Derby Industries LLC (“Derby”):
Derby is a leading provider of business outsourcing services to Fortune 500 companies predominately in the home appliance, candy / confections and automotive industries. Hyde Park acquired Derby in January 2000 and acquired a leading competitor in 2005. Derby’s services include contract sub-assembly, supply chain logistics, warehousing & inventory management, packaging and distribution. The Company operates in eighteen facilities located across Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Georgia, Iowa, Maine and Tennessee.

Investment Thesis:
• Invest in a leading provider of outsourced logistics and sub assembly services to Fortune 500
• Benefit from trends of major companies to outsource both logistics and assembly

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4. Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation (“DCTC”):
DCTC operates the toll tunnel between Detroit and Windsor, Canada which is the second busiest international crossing between the United States and Canada. Hyde Park acquired DCTC in 1997 in partnership with John Hancock Financial. DCTC was sold in March 2001 to an affiliate of Macquarie Group based on an unsolicited offer at a substantial gain.

Investment Thesis:
• Invest in an irreplaceable infrastructure asset with significant barriers to entry

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5. PFI:

PFI is a United Kingdom program for private investment in infrastructure assets which are leased to government or quasi-government bodies under long term contracts. PFI typically invests in hospitals, schools, railroads and other facilities. Hyde Park, in partnership with John Hancock Financial has invested over $125 million in the PFI program.

Investment Thesis:
• Invest in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets supported by UK government or
municipality revenue commitments
• Ability to earn an attractive return on equity with minimal operating and revenue risk

6. NEPW Logistics:

NEPW Logistics is an asset based, fully integrated warehousing, converting and transportation service provider in Northern New England. With almost 1,000,000 square feet of mixed-use warehouse space in eight locations they provide customers with flexible and integrated logistics and supply chain solutions.

Investment Thesis:
• NEPW provides critical outsourcing and logistical based services to it’s customers via flexible,
customized solutions and a willingness to consistently exceed customer expectations
• Attractive niche in the northern New England logistics market supported by a strong group
of core customers
• NEPW’s management expertise, skill base and experience should be expandable to
incremental markets and industries

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