Hyde Park Holdings LLC
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“I have worked with the team at Hyde Park Holdings since 2001 and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. Laurence Levy is one of the best people I have ever worked with in the private equity industry.”

Scott McWilliams, Former Executive Chairman Ozburn-Hessey Logistics, LLC


HPH is a leading lower middle market investment firm founded in 1987. We fund our investments from a permanent capital base sourced from Hyde Park’s principals. As a result, our investments are neither predicated nor reliant on achieving an exit. Rather, our approach is to buy, build and hold businesses on an indefinite basis in partnership with management teams. That means we are committed to our management teams and our investments and make every decision with the long-term health of the business, its management team and the local community in mind. Our reputation is our greatest and most valuable asset and we work hard to uphold and maintain the values upon which our reputation was built.

We believe we can offer business owners an attractive combination of full value and a philosophy which enables us to continue working with family members and management to preserve a company’s legacy and culture. Additionally, our approach ensures that employees, customers, suppliers and all other members of a company’s network continue to be treated with respect as partners in the enterprise.

As a firm, we have benefited from a focused, consistent, and disciplined value-oriented investment strategy. While we have invested in a wide range of industries, our target sectors include: warehousing, third-party logistics (3PL), sub-assembly, packaging, bottling, infrastructure, manufacturing, and real estate. As owners and capital partners, we add value by investing growth capital, unlocking portfolio synergies, providing strategic insights, pursuing add-on acquisitions to enhance profitability and value, and managing our portfolio with a long-term perspective.

We target attractive businesses with strong market positions and prospects, dedicated and capable management teams and defined barriers to entry. In general, we prefer full buyouts, rather than recapitalizations or shareholder liquidity events, and we focus on providing the equity capital in a transaction. We seek companies that meet the following characteristics:

$2 - $15 million EBITDA
Experienced and motivated management
High barriers to entry
Predictable and sustainable free cash flows
Bankable assets such as accounts receivable, inventory, PP&E and real estate

Due to our lean structure and the fact that we manage and invest our own capital, we are able to move very quickly and decisively. We do not have committees, nor do we have outside investors or LPs to approach for approval to move forward.